Navy Captain,  ATONFACK GUEMO  Head of Division Communication - MINDEF

Navy Captain, ATONFACK GUEMO Head of Division Communication - MINDEF


With its waves, each more powerful than the other, with variants that exhaust the letters of the alphabet, the coronavirus pandemic is multiplying attacks on the planet, shaking the most solid of sanitary fortifications, shaking up the most learned of scientific theories, neutralizing drug combinations as they are developed.

And as if it were endowed with a singularly mischievous and pessimistic spirit, the known virus seems to take pleasure in confusing the elderly, adults and juveniles so much so that no one would be able to prescribe with sufficient confidence, which segment of the population should benefit from more attention or the number of doses of vaccines to be taken to achieve individual immunity, let alone where the group immunity threshold is situated.

In addition, containments and re-containments, openings and closings of borders, targeted travel prohibitions and repeated screening tests multiply, alternate from one person to another, succeeding and adds up depending on the contamination rates, without anything durably curbingthe stem of virulence and the briefness of the new health plague, which leaves only a small opportunity to counteract it.

It is all about our good old barrier measures, rustic, banal to an extent, but formidably effective and within the reach of all. In addition to knowing them by heart, in addition to popularizing them around oneself, it is advisable to put them into practice, and above all, collectively.

Because just like the security plague called terrorism, to which it is similar in many manifestations, COVID-19 exploits the slightest flaw, the slightest loss of vigilance, to ravage the camp of healthy people. Moreover, like terrorism, the coronavirus is fought as a team, with each team member taking their place and their rank, so as to contribute to the effectiveness of the entirety.

Covid and terrorism, two threats, which strike indiscriminately and mercilessly the young and old, strong and weak, miserable and fortunate, literate as well as the uneducated. Tribal origin or interpersonal skills are of no help here. While fluctuations in viral ailment may be natural, the changes in the operating modes of the obscurantist project respond to a rigorous planning aimed at the imposition of a society of men and women transformed into serviceable robots.

In view of the vicissitudes of this low-intensity war that challenges all humanity against these plagues, there is nothing to say that it is close to ending. The greatest dangers for us are therefore either the habit of these deadly phenomena or the erosion of our will to fight.

Hospital or slavery, these are the only horizons that open up in the face of Covid and terrorism. These combined threats appeal to the civic spirit and solidarity of all, with the survival instinct as asupporter to our resolution to defeat them. Let us stay united. Let us all remain united. United, we will win.

Navy Captain,


Head of Division Communication - MINDEF

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Initiative à encourager. Merci et bravo aux promoteurs du mouvement 👏👏

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Buenas tardes, encantado de saludarte. Soy Jose
Quería escribirte porque me ha parecido interesante comentar contigo la posibilidad de que tu negocio aparezca cada mes en periódicos digitales como not

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Bonjour Mme et toutes mes félicitations,
Je suis à Douala, je suis à la recherche de votre tisane. Avez-vous une représentation à Douala. Sinon comment faire pour avoir régulièrement votre produit.

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Vive la folie de la littérature

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