Cameroon Army - Honor and Loyalty : Bilingualism, a cherished asset for seduction

A commonly accepted meaning presents fundamentalism as being the set of radical ties, which defend a rigorous conception of religion or politics, at the risk of confrontation with the surrounding society. Fundamentalism thus refers to a kind of comparison between an original State and its evolutions. This can provide substance for a constructive and mutually enriching discussion, at least for well-meaning people. If not outspoken, fundamentalism very quickly becomes polemological, when it feeds on stubbornness, fabrications and false allegations.

Subsequently for some, raising administrative techniques learned during the foreign occupation, into cultural elements appreciating a legitimacy equal to that of the foundations of sociological ecology inherited from our ancestors. The same goes for the disguise of other parts of the history of our country, which consists in making, believe that this history would not begin until January 1960 for some, October 1961 for others or after the conference of Foumban from April-May 1972 for another movement.

So many oppressive intellectual manipulations, so many intoxicating speeches that stimulate cleavage, exclusion and violence. These all the more clumsy speeches end up transforming peaceful young people nourishing dreams of a bright future in the city of Cameroon, into desperate furious people animated by aninstinctive hatred of their own country, as they take themselves for the descendants of overhead heroes of yesteryear, intrepid defenders of kingdoms that never existed.

Navy Captain, ATONFACK GUEMO, Head of communication - MINDEF

Navy Captain, ATONFACK GUEMO, Head of communication - MINDEF

But in a manner that would be none other than deliberate, everything seems to be done to obscure, distort, counterfeit the indisputable reality according to, which our various tribal settlement sites predate the arrival of the colonizer, our neighbourhoods, consanguinity, our various ancestral habits and customs, which between them share many points of similarity having always constituted factors of understandingof theamalgamation between our tribes.

The Cameroonian people cannot be an addition, an association or a superposition of an isolated specimen of tribal ties, only linked by a community of foreign languages for purely transactional use. The Cameroonian people are of immemorial origin, establishment and customs. The foreign occupation has not changed anything, unlike the unhealthy opportunist intentions that want to group Cameroonians together according to the languages brought in from outside, or in relation to the cardinal points.

Such categorization is an additional source of annoyanceone should freely let go. For what matters before and after all is neither the proclaimed fidelity to this or that overseas idiom, nor the flashy demonstration of the desire for imitation with this or that foreign people. What matters before and after all is the desire of Cameroonians to make these binary-imported languages, a precious instrument to be used for the repatriation of technical and technological knowledge, an irresistible asset of seduction in contact with other peoples of the solar system.

Navy Captain,


Head of Communication,

Division - MINDEF

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