Honor and Loyalty : CAMEROON ARMY: Professionalism and adaptability

In the numerous ranking reports on the military strength of AfricanStates, emphasis is laid most often on troop numbers, quality and quantity of armaments, as well as various other weird aspects which make one believe that any subsequentranking would be more of media propaganda than an unbiased study of the operational capabilities of the army which surpasses other aspects.

These considerations opposed by themoderate size of the Cameroonian Army,regarding the space to be covered in three dimensions, the demography of our country, the multiple internal crises as well as the constant threats fromneighbouring countries. A number of factors enough to justify an increase in troop ratio.

The small size of the Cameroonian Army is however compensated by the professionalism of the troop, coupled with an unfailing adaptability, the result of a rigorous and constantly evolving instruction backed by quantitative and qualitative appropriate hardware. This combination of cognitive faculties and material potentials enables our forces to be omnipresent, and to apply strategies in line with the current situation.

 Terrorist groups cannot behandledas armed rebels, or conventional army. As much as one side requires the deployment of small mobile units, in order to closely track downthe enemy, the other side, deploys formations with a huge presence on ground. However, the army should be able to stop this threat from gaining grounds, then to undertake the repression of the latter, or its eradication, as far as these terrorists are concerned. And this is something, the Cameroonian army knows well enough. Itsexploits in battle fronts are sufficiently demonstrating that the label professional armyis completely deserved.

Another criterion ignored by ranking agencies is the adaptability of our army's capacity to act, which can switch from combat mode to service mode or both simultaneously, as is the case in areas affected by the terrorist scourge.

Setting up infrastructural, intellectual and health precursors of development, at the same time guaranteeing a more lucrative return on investment, consolidates the extremely close ties of the Cameroonian army with our people, thus contributing to the sustainability of national cohesion.

These elements likely to change the evaluation paradigms which are not taken into account by the ranking agenciescannot stop the Cameroonian army from continuing to fulfill its mission with honour and loyalty. In fact, all they need is love from their people!!!

Navy Captain


Head of Communication - MINDEF

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