Navy Captain ATONFACK GUEMO, Head of Communication Division - MINDEF

Navy Captain ATONFACK GUEMO, Head of Communication Division - MINDEF

Cameroon - Honor and Loyalty : WORLD PEACE: Africa at the center of covetousness

By small touches, at the mercy of dazzling advances making pests more swift and submarines more enduring and scarcely detectable, thanks to geostrategic positioning and pivoting as advantageous as they are unpredictable, the ingredients of a future global fire are reunited. Under the naive comments of a certain third world opinion admiring the scripted reconfiguration of the lines of influence, we are witnessing rather an increasingly fierce opposition between formerly established hegemonies and new appetites no less plunderers.

However, it is precisely towards this powerless world that competing desires converge. Africa in particular is feeling the bite of the appetites of these guests.

Between predations on raw materials, popular revolutions, mercenary insurgencies and now the health menace, our continent is being cut in order, in anticipation of the next dismantling of its socio-state structures.

Because, everything leads to believe that like those, which preceded it the world war in gestation will aim at the anticipation on the wealth naturally placed at the center of the map of the world. Inestimable riches which, however, belong to still uncultivated peoples and who have neither the intention nor the means to develop them, according to a certain foreign opinion on the African continent.

Nevertheless, without it happening in a brutal or progressive way, the epilogue to the current contests between power States will be no less fatal than the others before it. To the thousands of gunshot deaths today, we must add all these other disappearances of men, women and children victims of related effects of the grabbing of resources.

However, the establishment of humanitarian action as an issue of international politics is a denial of the right to life for the poorest people who are to be condemned to extinction.

It is against these very real dangers, it is against these degrading prejudices that we fight, we soldiers of Cameroon, ardent defenders of the fatherland. The chalk that we hold in the classroom located in a rural area traces for our brothers and sisters in the countryside the paths of edifying knowledge.

The shovel that we exert with strength and dexterity in front of untamed nature opens up horizons of prosperity for our people.

With the help of the syringe and the scalpel, we fight disease and strengthen the vital potential of our country.

According to our assignments, the unions that we enter into contribute to the cohesion of the sociological diversity of Cameroon.

Gun in hand; we are fighting the forerunners of the hostility of our country.

We soldiers of the republic, we preserve the integrity of the national territory, on the model of our glorious elders.

We soldiers of the nation, fight systematic hatred and ignorance, source of misery and slavery.

In doing so, we carry the emancipatory vision of our national heroes. / -

Navy Captain


Head of Communication Division - MINDEF

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Bonjour Mme et toutes mes félicitations,
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Vive la folie de la littérature

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